The Grace and Mercy Foundation supports the poor and oppressed, and helps people learn, grow, and serve.

What We Do

We partner with nonprofit organizations across the U.S. and around the world.

Serving the World through Sharing

Guided by our abiding belief in the power of grace and mercy, we share resources with our partners across five key areas. We also help our partners lead Just Show Up Book Clubs and Public Reading of Scripture gatherings.
We partner with organizations that help survivors of trafficking, refugees, the working poor, justice-involved citizens trying to rebuild their lives, and people experiencing homelessness.
We support K-12 schools, seminaries, colleges, parachurch organizations, the arts and sports organizations.
We support organizations that provide nurturing, learning, and healthy programs for families.
We support organizations that are helping people reach their full potential in their jobs and become leaders in their communities.
We work with local churches, church communities, and church denominations.

Promoting Lifelong Learning

Through our signature learning initiatives, Just Show Up Book Club (JSU) and Public Reading of Scripture (PRS), we help communities around the world learn through reading and listening together.
Just Show Up Book Club
JSU is a book club where people gather to read, listen, and discuss great books together. It’s the book club without any homework. The benefits include the ability to finish books by just showing up, learning from authors and other participants, building learning communities of all subjects, and much more. Additional information on how to join us or start your own book club can be found below.
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Public Reading of Scripture
PRS is the biblical practice of listening to the Bible together. By reading and listening to Scripture together through PRS, Bible reading is more sustainable and enjo​​yable. Through our PRS app, we offer dramatized audio Bibles in many languages, built-in reading plans, and Bible tracking to create a delightful listening experience for all audiences. More information about PRS can be found below.
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Our Approach
We are focused on our performance, culture, and people. We are guided by our mission to support the poor and oppressed and help people learn, grow, and serve. The investments we make are driven by our values and informed by rigorous data analysis.

Through our work we strive to live these core values:

Consistency combined with efficiency and effectiveness helps us deliver for our partners across all our areas of giving.
We believe that helping others requires teamwork, collaboration, and strong partnerships.
Accountability and transparency are a prerequisite to helping people in need and it is how we show up for all of our partners.
We deeply believe in the work we do and the impact it can have on people in need.
Our team never gives up when the going gets tough – always leading with tenacity, wisdom, and courage to solve complex challenges.
We are other-centric and we care deeply about serving our employees, our partners, and the people that they help.
We thrive on fostering unity with an emphasis on sharing and spreading knowledge.
Nearly two decades of supporting the poor and oppressed, and helping people learn, grow, and serve.

Since our founding in 2006, we have made over $180 million in grants across 200+ organizations worldwide.
Our Impact
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